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Hear That?

Posted By Grim • [June 15, 2007]

No?  Me either.

What I want to be hearing is grunts of pain from RCT-6's PAO, as he hefts box after box of printed-out emails supporting our Marines.  Since I'm not hearing any complaining yet, I think we need to do it harder.

You read how our Marines need, more than anything else, to hear that you love them.  By God, you ought to.  And according to my email, Col. Simcock "admonished" them into getting a separate email account set up for us, just hours after we started mailing. 

Let's fill it.

UPDATE:  I've had a report from Sgt. Deboard at RCT-6.  He says they've gotten 25 emails so far.  He'd like six thousand -- one for every Marine there.

We can do six thousand.  I know you folks can make it happen, if you put your minds to it.

UPDATE 2:  Sgt. Deboard writes back:  "Getting about 1 per minute. Going to take 100 hours or so at this point. We won the first Gulf War in a shorter time than that..."

Ya'll aren't going to take that lying down, I hope.

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