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Danny Dietz - Navy SEAL Hero's Memorial Opposed

Posted By Blackfive • [April 05, 2007]

From the Navy Cross awarded to Danny Dietz:

...Operating in the middle of an enemy-controlled area, in extremely rugged terrain, his Special Reconnaissance element was tasked with locating a high-level Anti-Coalition Militia leader, in support of a follow-on direct action mission to disrupt enemy activity. On 28 June 2005, the element was spotted by Anti-Coalition Militia sympathizers, who immediately revealed their position to the militia fighters. As a result, the element directly encountered the enemy. Demonstrating exceptional resolve and fully understanding the gravity of the situation and his responsibility to his teammates, Petty Officer Dietz fought valiantly against the numerically superior and positionally advantaged enemy force. Remaining behind in a hailstorm of enemy fire, Petty Officer Dietz was wounded by enemy fire. Despite his injuries, he bravely fought on, valiantly defending his teammates and himself in a harrowing gunfight, until he was mortally wounded. By his undaunted courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and absolute devotion to his teammates, Petty Officer Dietz will long be remembered for the role he played in the Global War on Terrorism...

Read these posts about US Navy SEAL Danny Dietz:

Update: There's going to be a book written by Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell, coming out next week.  Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10.  I don't have pre-order info yet.  All I can say is that, from what I know abuot the battle, it will be an amazing book.

Now, there is a memorial statue of Petty Officer Danny Dietz in the works for Littleton, Colorado, which was his home town.  Via the Denver Post:

Parents protest military statue
Parents oppose image, location of memorial

By Joey Bunch and Carlos Illescas
Denver Post Staff Writers
The Denver Post

A group of Littleton parents is opposing the design and location of a memorial to a fallen local Navy SEAL, Danny Dietz, who died in combat in Afghanistan two years ago.

They say the statue, depicting Dietz clutching an automatic rifle, glorifies violence. In Berry Park, it would be within blocks of three schools and two playgrounds.

"I don't think young children should be exposed to that in that way - unsupervised by their parents or any adults," said Emily Cassidy, one of the mothers.

The parents have circulated fliers opposing the design and location of the statue at the southeast corner of South Lowell Boulevard and West Berry Avenue, in a triangle formed by Goddard Middle School, Community School for the Gifted and Centennial Elementary School.

They sent a letter to school board members, nearby residents, members of parent-teacher organizations and others to protest "the statue's particular location."

Linda Cuesta, the parent of a child who was at Columbine High School during the deadly April 1999 shootings, said that memory "colors everything in my life," but she is sympathetic to the Dietz family.

"As much as it breaks my heart to do this, we have to weigh the effect of the statue in this particular place against the family's feelings," she said.

"Who wins here? It's a tough situation."      

Dietz's father said the family is devastated by the uproar.      

"It broke our hearts," said Dan Dietz, who still lives in the area. "My son was fighting for her freedom to do exactly what she is doing. She put my son in the same category as Columbine. How does she have the audacity to do that?"...

Read the whole article here.  After the Jump, I'll include an email that is being sent to Littleton residents in hopes of stopping the memorial from happening.  There will also be contact information for the city manager.

Now, here's the protesting parent's email.  Notice the contact information at the end of their complaint?  If you are a resident of the Littleton area, consider sending a message of support to the city manager.


It has come to our attention that the southeast corner of Lowell and Berry (which is open-space land owned by the Left Bank Condominiums) is the proposed location for a memorial statue honoring a young Navy Seal. While our hearts go out to the family of this brave young man, we have serious concerns regarding the graphic and violent detail the statue portrays. As a community, we cannot allow the many young children in this area to be exposed to a larger than life-size grenade launching machine gun.

The City of Littleton is responsible for considering both location as well as audience when placing public art. This statue's proposed location is within a three-block radius of two elementary schools, a middle school and two parks, each with a playground. Clearly, the design of this sculpture was for an audience other than young children.

In light of our community's experience with the Columbine tragedy, and the clear message of  non-violence that we teach in Littleton schools, what is our city thinking?

The statue's dedication is currently scheduled for July, if you share our concerns regarding its placement in this particular location, please contact Littleton City Manager Jim Woods at 303-795-3720 or email him at jwoods@littletongov.org.

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