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CBS in Philly stays with Fake But Accurate on Recruiting Story

From SFC B at Adventures of a Detailed Recruiter comes this Bust Their Chops entry of the day week:

Mr. Osman, an investigative reporter with CBS 3 in Philly, ran an expose where they sent in fake applicants to recruiting stations in an attempt to catch them on tape lying.  The investigation met with varying degrees of success, and so Mr. Osman ran a follow-up to the story.  The follow-up can be found here.
In the interview Mr. Osman interviewed Chris Dugan, a former Marine.  Shortly after enlisting Mr. Dugan participated in a recruiter assistant program.  All the military services have programs where newly trained members are allowed to return to their hometown and assist a local recruiting station.  These "assistants" are new servicemembers and their primary function is to generate leads (names and phone numbers) for their recruiters, and to generate interest in their branch of service.  They receive minimal training and will serve as an assistant for up to 30 days, usually around 2 weeks.  They are not responsible for any of the activities involved in the processing or maintenance of those who they contact.
In Mr. Osman's story Mr. Dugan is represented as a "former recruiter", however investigating Mr. Dugan's past reveals he's no such thing.  Chris Dugan has been representing himself as a "recruiter" with the "inside story" for years.  He's written pieces for The Socialist Worker Online, and done interviews for Democracy Now. He's participated in campus anti-recruiting protests, and anti-war efforts.  His entire popularity to the anti-crowd is his self-proclaimed status as a former recruiter who has seen the light.
And it's a lie.
Chris Dugan is not a former recruiter.  He served two weeks as a recruiter assistant after he graduated Basic Training.  He knows nothing about being a recruiter.  He's received none of the training, and has had to do none of the work.  I've notified CBS 3 of this and the response has been that I don't know what I'm talking about and that I'm simply offended by what Chris Dugan had to say.  As a recruiter I've been called far worse by far better.  I'm upset about someone profitting by a lie about their service, and the fact that a reporter has chosen to ignore the lie.

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