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More Astroturfing - Is Amnesty International the common thread

Reader Brian W. from the great state of Texas sends this note about suspected Astroturfing:

This article in yesterday's NYT http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/28/us/28appeal.html about the antiwar soldiers group Appeal for Redress www.appealforredress.org quotes Specialist Linsay Burnett extensively.

A simple google search turns up this http://www.usnews.com/usnews/opinion/articles/051205/5barnesblog.htm which includes the following:

A Naderite on the battlefront?

Ralph Nader voters are not as scarce in the Army as you might think. I've actually met two in previous trips to Iraq. Spc. Linsay Burnett was the third. But that was just the beginning. Burnett, a 2003 graduate of the College of William & Mary, is probably the least likely soldier I have ever met. What caught my attention was that she was reading Johnny Got His Gun, a classic antiwar novel of World War I. Then it turned out that she was a Nader supporter, vegetarian, labor organizer, founder of an Amnesty International chapter, and former war protester. Not the typical model of a modern soldier.

I think that this just reinforces what is discussed here

A common thread throughout this story is Amnesty International.

So far, to me, it looks like Appeal for Redress has gotten away with presenting themselves as a grassroots organization when they've been astroturfing.