I Hereby Nominate...

Friday Freefly- De-Baathification

We have a new feature that will be appearing weekly that I think may be some fun. I took a camera down to the bar my buddy Kev manages here in Madison called Wando's. Then we argued about De-Baathification, placing Sadaam era Generals in charge in Sunni areas, for about 12 minutes. Strangely the funniest bit involved Pol Pot and Castro, but see for yourselves. I made it completely profanity free, but Kev slides in one shite and a harmless f-bomb near the end. Some of you met Kev at last years Milblog Conference, I met him when I was First Sergeant of a Guard infantry unit 1/128 INF, Kev spent a year with that unit in the Sunni Triangle. Those who had the pleasure of crawling pubs that night will probably remember much conversation similar to this. I think Kev's favorite phrase is "Jimbo you're an idiot"