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Jon Carry Not a Traitor...

Posted By Blackfive • [January 27, 2007]

...he's just a huge asshole.  Huge.

Hot Air has the details and video of that sonofabitch getting cozy with one of the most evil people on the @#$%ing planet.

“So we have a crisis of confidence in the Middle East — in the world, really. I’ve never seen our country as isolated, as much as a sort of international pariah for a number of reasons as it is today.”…

Kerry criticized what he called the “unfortunate habit” of Americans to see the world “exclusively through an American lens.”

He said this while seated next to the former CEO of one of the world’s foremost terrorist states, which as we speak is working on building nuclear weapons, bankrolling Hezbollah’s efforts to foment civil war in Lebanon and Hamas’s exterminationist jihad against Israel, and supplying Shiite militias with IEDs to kill American soldiers in Iraq. Whose current leadership, lest we forget, Kerry has previously signaled a desire to meet with. Note the bolded bit in the quote, too: given a direct choice between defending the president or siding with the Iranian government circa 2003 — whose nominal leader was, of course, Khatami himself — Lurch essentially chose the latter...

And see the post below as the Iranians most likely executed our soldiers in Iraq.  But he's friendly with them because we're the @#$%ing pariah?!




My anger.

Right now.

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