Afghans Pull Rambo-Style Moves In Defense of Camp
Disrespecting the troops in Congress

Get the word out on Socialist Anti-War Lies

    "65 people who are going to be able to get more press than the hundreds of thousands who have come back and said they're proud of their service." - White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, about Appeal for Redress

Spread the word about Appeal for Redress's false claims that they are a grassroots campaign.  They are anything but a grass roots organization.  They are a well-organized, orchestrated, and funded machine.

Send this link to everyone you know in and around the military, the media, op-ed columnists, etc.

Greyhawk at Mudville lays out the path that this group has taken in order to look like a legit grassroots movement.  They are trying to cover up his discovery even as you are reading this.

If you do not think that it's important to spread the word, the false story about Appeal for Redress keeps getting distributed.  Just GoogleNews "Appeal for Redress".

Andi's World has more.

And more at Milblogs...

Note:  I do not question the right of military men and women to express their opinions.  I oppose the idea that AFR is being painted and marketed (and loved by the media) as a grassroots org started by some guy who just got out of the Navy...