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Christmas Terror in London?

    "It's important ... that those engaged in terrorism realize that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people and a desire to impose extremism on the world." - Prime Minister Tony Blair, July 7, 2005

Via most merciful Allah:

British intelligence and law enforcement officials have passed on a grim assessment to their U.S. counterparts, "It will be a miracle if there isn't a terror attack over the holidays in London," a senior American law enforcement official tells

British police have been quietly carrying out a series of key arrests as they continue to track at least six active "plots" tied to what they call "al Qaeda of England."

Officials said they could not cite any specific date or target but said al Qaeda had planned previous operations during the Christmas holidays that had been disrupted.

"It is not a matter of if there will be an attack, but how bad the attack will be," an intelligence official told

This doesn't sound very strategic to me.

Remember "We're Not Afraid!"...?

One of the first pictures (of thousands) at "We're Not Afraid!"

Thoughts and prayers to the people of London this Christmas.  And more thoughts and prayers for the police to stop it from happening.

More at Hot Air.

Update:  Why a strategic mistake?  I wrote this on July 7th, 2005:

The third thought I had this morning after learning of the attack was that Al Qaeda just made a big, big mistake.  I'm not talking about responses or revenge.  I'm talking about Al Qaeda misjudging the incredible people of London and Great Britain.

If Al Qaeda is expecting a Spanish-like response to their act, I think they'll be surprised.

For example, of all things, I saw a woman passing out cups of tea at one disaster scene.  An act so stoically English and so defiant at the same time...

These are the people that withstood the Battle of Britain...