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Jack Army in Iraq - "Go Home?"

Blogger and SF Qualified Infantry sergeant in Iraq, Jack Army addresses those like Barrak Obama who call for withdrawl from Iraq...and he's pissed:

...Sorry, I am just frustrated about all this. I am just amazed that people want to just stop what we are doing and bring all our troops home after all we've done so far and all that is left to do. Seriously, it is amazing what is going on in this country and I'm so lucky to be a part of it. These people really want to live better lives and they are trying hard to do so. I feel like we owe it to them, to folks from other countries who are watching this, and to the troops who have already sacrificed for this, to continue to see this thing through.

What frustrates me most of all is the number of Americans that are rooting for us to lose. From media, to politicians and political pundits, to folks who just have no clue but put on airs of knowing all, there is a definite segment of the American population who genuinely wants us to lose this war. The whole "it's a mistake" and "based on lies" memes are just ridiculous and aren't based in reality, rather, they are based on misguided dreams of what life should be like. I hate to burst any bubbles here, but war is a part of life, and when bad people do bad things, war just might be the best way to stop them...

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