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Small Spheres of Influence - Help Captain Amira in Iraq


RE: Small Sphere's of Influence:

Call this a direct adoption program.  Here is a special request via Marian for help from a Civil Affairs Captain in Iraq:

Our team does missions 2x per week to the local govt buildings and   interacts with the schools, university, hospital, and children on the street.   We get wheel chairs and school supplies for needy children but could always   use anything else for the kids. It's an amazing feeling when you give to the   kids around here. The smile that comes on their face is worth all of what we   risk. Some of these kids walk around with shoes that have been handed down   many times over and clothes the same. We try and get soccer balls and other   games for them to keep busy so they don't go to the "dark side".

Thanks again for everything. I sent you a picture of our trucks headed   toward the mountains that separate Iraq from Iran. Another picture is of one of my SGTs and   myself when we stopped at a village in the middle of nowhere. The kids   swarmed us for cookies and cold drinks. These children had nothing but we   put a smile on their face at least for a short time.

You can send Wheelchairs, School Supplies, Soccer Balls, Games (outdoor), Cookies/Candy, or whatever to:

CPT Greg Amira
B CO / 402 CA BN
FOB Warhorse
APO AE 09336

If you decide to mail CPT Amira something, let me know and I'll give you an email address so you can let him know it's on the way.  If you need any tips on how mail lots of stuff for low rates, check Soldiers' Angels site.