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Friday, July 07, 2006


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» Lefty Professor Makes Death Threats Against Blogger's Child from Cyber-Conservative
Jeff Goldstein is a very insightful blogger who writes over at Protein Wisdom. It seems that some lefty psych (or should that be psycho?) professor at the University of Arizona by the name of Deborah... [Read More]

» Jeff Goldsteins Stalker from chez Diva
I was reading Jeff Goldsteins blog this morning and was taken aback by what I can only describe as an incredibly unhinged and sick individual. Heres a bizzare taste of what someone, alleged to be Deborah Frisch, served up at proteinwisdo... [Read More]

» Speaking Of Hate Groups from Blue Crab Boulevard
Frankly, it is frightening what some people think is permissible speech these days. Jeff Goldstein draws more than his share of nearly psychotic ranters, but this is so over the top, I frankly dont know what I would do if someone were to... [Read More]

» Moonbat Professor Issuing Death Threats Against Conservative Blogger from Euphoric Reality
So much for the Left being peace-loving, right? This just in from Froggy at Blackfive: We all know that lefty trolls can be a real inconvenience at times, but a very special troll named Deborah Frisch has taken trolling down a very dark ... [Read More]

» In case you need an excuse for dropping out of college from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Not that you need excuses, but they might come in handy in a pinchyou know, like when the parents of a certain 39 year-old woman give reminders like you really should go back to school and get that degree. (Ive got quite a ... [Read More]

» Jeff...? from YippeeKiYay!
Protein Wisdom went down this morning as I was trying to post a comment, and I have only just recently gotten back to the computer to find that even the server IP is unfindable. Anybody know whats going on? UPDATE: According to F... [Read More]

» Professor moves from insults to threats against children? from Classical Values
Of all the various forms of viciousness I've seen in the years I've been blogging, this one takes the cake. While I can't open Jeff's links right now as his site is down, via Pajamas Media and Ace, I see... [Read More]

» Week-End Links from Right Wing News
RWN returns on Monday. Until then, consider this to be an open thread, enjoy the links below, and have a... [Read More]

» It’s all peace, love and joy over at Protein Wisdo from Tattered Bits of Brain
For those who seem to call so often for the downtrodden to throw off the oppressive yoke of conservatism (i.e.- anything not party-line liberal), these banshees sure do seem to do a fine job of (inadvertantly) painting themselve as champions of every... [Read More]

» Logic Convergence Between Islamofascist and Moonbat Philosophy ... from Red Hot Cuppa Politics
While the left rails against Ann Coulter, and the heartlessness of Republican, Deborah Frisch, a very special moonbat commenter is threatening a conservative blogger's two year old child. [Read More]

» Blackfive: University of Arizona Psych Professor Threatening Children from SingleMind.Net: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!!!
07/08/2006: Froggy, at Blackfive, is reporting on a nutbrain professor, who is threatening Jeff Goldstein (and his family). In her threats, she relays the intent that specific harm comes to his child. Hopefully, the FBI will put an end to her shenan... [Read More]

» A University Of Arizona Professor Writes: from small dead animals
"I’d like to hear more about your “tyke” by the way. Girl? Boy? Toddler? Teen? Are you still married to the woman you ephed to give birth to the tyke? Tell all, bro!" *** "[...] as I said elsewhere, if... [Read More]

» Why some prefer [blogging] anonymity from The COLOSSUS OF RHODEY
There has been a slew of posts around the DE blogosphere recently debating blogger anonymity. Some think wanting anonymity is a funny joke. Maybe those who think it's silly to want anonymity (or at least a degree of anonymity) should... [Read More]

» A Proud Member of the Toddler-Threatening Community from Confederate Yankee
It was disgusting a year ago when Daily Kos posters were all for attacking the sexual orientation of four-year-old Jack Roberts, the son of then Supreme Court nominee (and now Chief Justice) John Roberts. I thought it was disgusting, abhorrent... [Read More]

» A BLOGGER UNDER SIEGE from Michelle Malkin
Jeff Goldstein, who has been such an inspiration and good friend ever since I started blogging, is under attack. He--and his toddler son--have been the subject of abuse and harassment from a nutball leftist troll--who appears to hold a prominent... [Read More]

» The tolerant left redux from Southern Appeal
Disgusting. Update: She got fired. Good. Heres hoping that she never works in academia again. ... [Read More]

» Goldstein Reports Protein Wisdom Under Attack from Pajamas Media
From an IM exchange this morning: PJM: "Are you down and under attack?" JG: "Yup. For 2 days. I'm working on the problem -- which involves some DoS attacks -- but I hope to be back up in a couple... [Read More]

» When It Gets Personal from LilacRose
An absolutely hideous situation: well-known conservative blogger Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom had to endure vile threats against his child... [Read More]

» Sick, Sick, Sick World of The Left from Sierra Faith
Most importantly, this sick person is threatening the life of his 2-year old child. If true, will the University of Arizona make a strong statement against threats of life and limb by its employees and simply fire this sick one? Please say Yes. ... [Read More]

» Jeff Goldsteins Stalker Threatens His Child from Gulf Coast Pundit
Froggy over at Blackfive has the story. A professor of psychology at the University of Arizona with extreme BDS is threatening a two year old child. Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby. Ar... [Read More]

» When Lefties Attack from Flopping Aces
The Protein Wisdom saga continues. Jeff Goldsteins site has been down for a bit due to hackers, and believe me I know the feeling. You will recall that I was hacked and shut down for approx 6 hours after my extensive CIA Mole post.&n... [Read More]

» Deborah Frisch - A Psycholgist Defends Ward Churchill and Threatens a Two Year Old from Independent Sources
Deborah Frisch is a psycholgist and former director of the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences at the National Science Foundation. Until the 8th of July she was also a professor at the University of Arizona. She is also the proprietor of the blog... [Read More]

» The Tampon Terrorist from Cabal of Doom
A shrill blathering leftist idiot, Deborah Frisch, a professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, is posting death threats against Jeff Goldstein's 2 year old child. This is an excellent example of the "enlightened" left, those whose thought p... [Read More]

» Quote of the Day from TacJammer
When Im done with you, Deb, youre going to be an internet verb. Jeff Goldstein, righteously pissed off.* Robert Fisk became a verb. So let's work on a definition, shall we? Here's my contribution: frisch: to lose one's job or prospects t... [Read More]

» Protein Wisdom Under DDOS Attack from The Jawa Report
Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades, Euphoric Reality, Small Dead Animals, Instapundit, Blackfive and Confederate Yankee, among others, have been helping to bring attention to the DDOS attack on Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom blog. Michelle notes a post to... [Read More]

» Deborah Frisch, Left-Wing Troll From Hell from Moonbattery
Visiting the left end of the blogosphere is like lifting a rock to see repulsive creepy-crawlies writhe and squirm in horror of the light. These creepy-crawlies often invade conservative blogs as trolls. Normally, their deformed and clumsily expressed ... [Read More]

» Reality-Based Indeed from Mark the Pundit
I think the "reality-based community" is personified quite well by one Deborah Frisch, don't you think?... [Read More]

» Arizona psych professor threatens life of 2-year old child from Cao's Blog
Again I have to wonder about the mental state of our friends on the lefthand side of the sphere when people publish comments that move from insults to threats against children. Protein Wisdoms site is down, but the comments have been preserved.... [Read More]

» Left wing Cliff-Dwelling Professor Threatens Conservative Bloggers Child from The Uncooperative Blogger
I awoke this morning to a particualrly nasty piece of information. This Leftwing Cliff-Dwelling University of Arizona Professor left some unbelievably disgusting comments on Protien Wisdoms Blog. This was WAY over the line folks and she deserves... [Read More]

» Threats against Jeff Goldsteins two year old. from Lil Duck Duck
No, this isnt a news blog, but as a mom of a toddler this made me just furious so I had to pass it on. Jeff Goldstein and his little toddler son have been the subject of threats from a crazy stalker - how awful. His site is down from DOS ... [Read More]

» Thats Doctor Liberal Barking Moonbat, cretins. from HoodaThunk?
Making my usual rounds I ran into this post at Captains Quarters. Who pointed me to this one at Michelle Malkins. Who mentioned this one at Confederate Yankee. (Many others in there but they all reference the same thing.) I found it hard ... [Read More]

» Protein Wisdom from bustardblog
I'm a bit fearful about getting involved in the latest Jeff Goldstein uproar, which of course means that I really have no choice but to do so. The lastest brouhaha regarding the author of the blog Protein Wisdom, concerns some [Read More]

» Choosing sides from Neptunus Lex
I wrote yesterday on the topic of the troll-turned-stalker and UAz psych prof Deborah Frisch, whos been giving Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom a bit of trouble. It seems she has some allies, who have subjected Jeffs site to a DoS at... [Read More]

» You are not human to me, from The Anchoress
Been out of the loop and dont even know where to begin on this terrible incident. University of Arizona psychology professor Deborah Frisch wrote things no one should ever write - things that rational people would probably not even think - at ... [Read More]

» Moonbat Professor should be jailed from Macmind - Conservative Commentary and Common Sense
Gateway Pundit reports that Protein Wisdom is down because a leftist college professor made threats against him and his child. Jeff reported the comments, the Professor has resigned, and now Jeff's site is down due to DOS. [Read More]

» Wack job D Frisch makes death threats against a two year old.... from KSchlenker
Blackfive and AIR Emperor Mischa are both talking about Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom who has been getting trolled by ... [Read More]

» Rebuke the Wrongdoers, The Spreaders of Lies from I Speak of Dreams
Ann Coulter says terrible, untrue things to sell her books. (Coulter Syndrome, Coulter on dyslexia, Coulter's intellectual shortcomings, Pharygula post #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 and #6). I do not know of a conservative or right-wing [Read More]

» The Protein Wisdom - Deb Frisch Blogfight from TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
I'm late coming to the story of the psychology professor and Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom, but here's my view: What Deborah Frisch wrote is inexcusable behavior for a blogger of any kind, liberal or conservative. Her comments about Jeff... [Read More]

» The Tortoise and the Hare from Java Zen:Thinking Out Loud
This past Sunday morning, like most Sundays, I got up, made coffee, fetched the paper. My dogs are too small to do the fetching. The Sunday paper is about as big as they are and fetch is not in their working vocabulary. Theyre more... [Read More]

» How Low Will a Moonbat Go? from Iraq War Today
If you guessed that they'd go as low as handing out death threats to a toddler, unfortunately, you're right... [Read More]

» A nasty troll from David Farrar
People sometimes complain about the abusive nature of some comments on this blog, but have a look at a really bad case in the US where Deborah Frisch makes disturbing threats not just against the blogger but also his two year old child. And who is Debo... [Read More]

» Goldstein and the Tolerant Left from PunditGuy
A word to the wise. You don't want to threaten to kill Jeff Goldstein's kid (or anyone's kid for that matter). Really. UPDATE: OK, now things have really gotten out of hand. If you try to click the link above you won't get anywhere. That's because Jeff... [Read More]

» University of Arizona nutcase threatens violence… from white pebble
You know, I still keep thinking of blogging as a harmless hobby… BLACKFIVE: A New Low: [Read More]

» Does Eugene Need Another Moonbat? from Just Some Poor Schmuck
Deb Frisch made some pretty creepy threats against Jeff Goldstein and his son. When she was called on it she supposedly resigned and is talking about moving to Eugene Oregon. South(west)paw: clarification re: white flag The point of resigning is... [Read More]

» Moral compasses from Right Thoughts...not right wing, just right.
If you havent seen it, a crazed (literally) far lefty moonbat (in every sense of the word) went on a rampage over at Jeff Goldsteins blog. Disclaimer: Jeff and I dislike each other. Quite a bit. I have been on the receiving end of his of... [Read More]

» Dr. Frisch and Mrs. Hyde from HundredPercenter
It appears Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom has become the obsession of a leftist internet troll/weirdo. I don't call Jeff a victim, because [Read More]

» Dr. Frisch and Mrs. Hyde from HundredPercenter
It appears Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom has become the obsession of a leftist internet troll/weirdo. I don't call Jeff a victim, because [Read More]

» What The ? from Creative Destruction
Due to all the little nasty bastages running two seperate denial-of-service attacks on Jeff Goldsteins blog (Thankfully, his site is back up. May the DoS-ers end up with rabid ferrets shoved down their pants. Rabid ferrets on PCP and LSD.), I ha... [Read More]

» Frisched!!! - Deb's new dictionary legacy from Darleen's Place
I was away from my 'puter almost all of yesterday, so by now I'll assume you all know about the lame and mentally ill Deb Frisch, PhD, who decided to take her well-documented, demented style of trolling to new heights... [Read More]

» Meet Deborah Frisch, aka Professor Cyberstalker from Tel-Chai Nation
Protein Wisdom was recently attacked by a most alarming cybertroll, who turned out to be a professor at the Arizona university, Deborah Frisch, who also maintain her own blog and has quite a record of stalking other people's blogs as well. And the me... [Read More]



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