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Kerry, SEALs, and Cambodia

When you steal from deal with a milblogger - Part III - Settlement

Mike Yon posted this message about HFM:


I am satisfied that Hachette Filipacchi Media believed they were acting in good faith when procuring the publishing rights from Polaris to use my photograph in SHOCK magazine. Both sides worked to find a solution, and, as a result of our discussions, Hachette Filipacchi Media agreed to pay a licensing fee, and to make a very generous contribution to Fisher House...

Be sure to check out Mike's entire statement.  And Dean from BookLinker sends the link to Ad Age's piece about the dispute.

Now, that it's settled favorably to Mike's satisfaction, I can tell you that Mike called on Saturday morning to thank you all for helping and asked that I wait to post anything until Monday.  He didn't ask for our help, but he believes that you all made a difference in the outcome, and, look what you helped to do...Fisher House will benefit because of your phone calls and emails.

Thank you.