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Saturday, June 17, 2006


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» Vietnam Bad, Somalia Good from Pajamas Media
Blackfive believes Congressman John Murtha has "made the transition from gutless Congressional peace activist to outright laughingstock" by citing President Clinton's actions in Somalia as statesmanship.... [Read More]

» Froggy: Murtha Jumps the Shark from Small Town Veteran
Murtha Jumps the Shark Ex-Marine Colonel and current leader of the Cowardice Caucus in the House of Representatives, John Murtha has now made the transition from gutless Congressional peace activist to outright laughingstock. ... [Read on. Hat tip: Az [Read More]

» Vietnam Bad, Somalia Good from Pajamas Media
Froggy @ Blackfive believes Congressman John Murtha has "made the transition from gutless Congressional peace activist to outright laughingstock" by citing President Clinton's actions in Somalia as statesmanship.... [Read More]

» Murtha - Different Battle, Same Story from Chickenhawk Express
So given your role in the incident that served as a main motivator for Osama bin Laden and his attacks against America, can we point our fingers at you (like you have done to our soldiers in Iraq) [Read More]

» One Bad Murtha from Whither The Fool?
If this analysis by Clarice Feldman at American Thinker turns out to be a correct assessment of things, then I want to know from the House Republican leadership (and I use that term loosely) what they are going to do to censure and punish Rep. John Mur... [Read More]

» The Skeleton In Murtha's Closet? from Woody's News
Is Rep. Jack Murtha's neverending quest to get us to surrender to the terrorists in Iraq genuine, or he motivated by something in his past? An excellent theory on this was recently posted in the comments section at Hot Air [Read More]

» LMAO - Murtha Cites Clinton's Perfomance In Somalia As An Example of Good Wartime Leadership {I.P.} from discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus
LMAO - Murtha Cites Clinton's Perfomance In Somalia As An Example of Good Wartime Leadership {I.P.} [Read More]

» They Cant Hear You from Oliver Willis
The right again demonstrates their capacity for selective hearing. The current target of their ire is Rep. John Murtha, about the only Democrat around whos been able to articulate a coherent assesment and policy for Iraq. Theyre angry as ... [Read More]

» Bonfire of the Insanities, Reloaded from Hard Starboard
Look, though, how defensive Congressman Haw-Haw became at a single sharp opposition rebuke. I don't know if it's the religious nature of al Donka extremism or Karl The Great's unique penchant for sending lefties into orbit, but this is a man whose in... [Read More]

» Murtha Doctrine from The Storms Blog
Jack Murtha was on Meet the Press this weekend, where he continued his push to withdraw troops from Iraq.  Spolitics has summarized the Murtha Doctrine. Michelle Malkin has an image shown by Russert, a quote from Murthas 2004 book, From Vietn... [Read More]

» Murtha has a long history of cutting and running: from The Great Satan
Froggy has a great post at Blackfive discussing the latest Murtha statements. Read through the comments section and lots of quotes are being pulled by Murtha regarding Somalia Most notably:On a Sept. 1993 NBC Today Show Murtha said: "Our welcome... [Read More]

» Has John Murtha (D-PA) completely lost it? from Murdoc Online
When I started seeing the "Murtha says pull out like we did in Somalia"-type headlines last night, I thought that critics of the Congressman were... [Read More]

» How now! A rat?* from sisu
The leftist utopian dream was doomed from the start because it denied the economic logic of nature and human nature, we wrote last year, citing the work of blind paleontologist Geerat Vermeij, who reads the embattled history of a snail [Read More]

» Mr. Murtha's Strange History, Stranger Proposal from Joust The Facts
The question has to be asked. Democrats are hoping to convince America of two things to win over the houses of Congress in the fall. They wish to be known as the party of honest government and honest politicians, with [Read More]

» Murtha's Audience reduced by FBI from Planck's Constant
The traitorous coward and defeatist appeaser Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace. I suppose if we had not gone to Iraq then Israel and Hamas would have signed a peace accord by now, al Qaeda would have peacefully disbanded without Iraq's... [Read More]

» Murtha's Audience reduced by FBI from planck's constant
The traitorous coward and defeatist appeaser Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace. I suppose if we had not gone to Iraq then Israel and Hamas would have signed a peace accord by now, al Qaeda would have peacefully disbanded without Iraq's c... [Read More]



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