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Michael Yon in Afghanistan - Must Read

Army Recruiting and Retention

USA Today on the state of Army retention.

SGT Hook illuminates some motivations for the retention numbers with a vignette - No Tears in Heaven.

Mudville is the only place where I saw this - Army and Guard met recruiting goals for past five months:

...Its retention spike comes amid a big turnaround for the Army National Guard, which slumped last year but has added more than 4,000 soldiers to its rolls while exceeding both recruiting and retention goals — a high point not seen since 1993.


       The active-duty Army and National Guard have met their recruiting goals        for the past five months...    

And then the feeding frenzy from the unhinged left begins.  Picking on *cough* General Greyhawk is barking up the wrong tree.  Read that post at your own discretion.  He also claims:

6. Active Duty Army OCS has had a 100% selection rate since November of 2004.

I don't know where Kevin is getting his numbers, but I can tell you that a good friend of mine, inspired by the wounded soldiers he met at Walter Reed, left a lucrative career as an attorney to go to OCS sent me this email yesterday from Ft. Benning:

Out of I think 42 people that started off in my platoon there are now 26 left, and one more will probably be gone by Monday.

Hhhmmm, math is hard but 25 out of 42 equals about 59% selection rate for commissioning.

BTW, that former attorney will be going to Airborne School as well.  Probably, inspired by Joey Bozik to go "All the Way!!!"