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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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» Abu Ghraib, part deux from Cake or Death
Oh for chrissakes! Here we go again! The "naked dude pyramids" return! Oh good so they just "suggest" torture, but don't actually offer any proof of torture. Well that's comforting. You'd think that would be enough. But no... the mere suggestion of ... [Read More]

» More Graphic Abu Ghraib Images: Moral Idiots who Equivocate and Hypocrites in the Media from The Jawa Report
Be prepared for new Abu Ghraib images. I've seen them all. They are much worse than the ones you've already seen. I can also tell you that some of the images being shown by Australian media and then re-broadcast by... [Read More]

» Abu Ghraib photos, again from HomefrontSix
For the love of all things holy, can't we get past this? Talk about beating a DEAD HORSE. And why is it that media outlets such as the Washington Post will publish pictures such as these but they won't publish the offensive Danish cartoons? Damn coward... [Read More]

» New Abu Ghraib Photos from Kim Priestap
Via The Mudville Gazette: While the MSM is dredging up old, irrelevant Abu Ghraib photos from long past, Blackfive has a few Abu Ghraib photos taken recently that should be seen by everyone. [Read More]

» New Abu Ghraib Photos! from The Real Ugly American.com
Black Five has them . Warning this are the most shocking photos the MSM has ever seen. The horror is most likely best described by this commentor over at Black Five. these very photos and all others from the original DISC of pictures are proof tha... [Read More]

» New Abu Ghraib Photos from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
BLACKFIVE has them. Shock! Awe! Click! (Note the Journalism? tag) ... [Read More]

» Abu Ghraib Part II from MacStansbury.org
More idiocy from the Hate America First people. Stop The ACLU has the goods. Turns out, through a FOIA request, now we can see even more cool pictures from that one night in that 4-hour period in which soldiers deliberately disobeyed orders bac... [Read More]

» New Abu Ghraib photos are not news from The Unalienable Right
The Washington Post is reporting on new photos from the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. An Australian television channel today broadcast more photographs of abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the U.S.-run Abu Ghraib pris... [Read More]

» New Abu Ghraib Photos! from Small Town Veteran
See 'em at Blackfive. I have some you may not have seen yet here and here, also. [Read More]

» Abu Ghraib - latest photos from Mark My Words
These are photos that American media will not show. Unlike the old (2003) photos running the rounds of the typical press outlets, these are from the last six months. You can see them here. [Read More]

» Even More Abu Ghraib Photos from The Patriette
Glad to see that the media will rush to publish newly released (but still old) inflammatory photos from Abu Ghraib but it's hands-off where cartoons are concerned. Hmmph. In any case, Matt over at the blog Blackfive has some of... [Read More]

» Still wondering which side the press is on? from RepublicanWitch
Via Michelle Malkin: Watching the news in my hotel room before my speech, I just saw CNN air a few of the new, highly inflammatory Abu Ghraib photos now making the rounds. No pixelation of the nude prisoners in the photos. No disclaimers about p... [Read More]

» MSM Show Abu Ghraib Photos, Refuse To Show Muhamma from Oblogatory Anecdotes
The Dhimmi media who have willingly submitted to Islamic law, by not showing the cartoons that are at the center of violent demonstrations by Muslims, because they say they do not want to offend them, have no problem showing more pictures of the “abu... [Read More]

Because Matty O'Blackfive has posted the Abu Ghraib pictures that the Mainstream Media doesn't have the guts to publish. The ones from the Abu Ghraib hospital. Did anyone know that Abu Ghraib even HAD a hospital? I sure as hell... [Read More]

» More Photos from Abu Ghraib from You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom
Blackfive has posted photos taken at Abu Ghraib that will astound you! Mostly, because you won't see them on the news. There are no dogs or hoods in the pics, so I guess they just don't make the cut. [Read More]

» Well Played from File it Under
And more worthy than the media's recycled garbage. Blackfive has New Abu Ghraib Photos that the MSM refuses to show. [Read More]

» What Purpose Do "New" Abu Graib Photos Serve? Why Not Mohammad Toons? Or 9/11 Jumpers? from RightWinged.com
I didn't really want to post on the new Abu Ghraib photos because they're nothing but propoganda for terrorists and we all know that already. But I see many other bloggers all had the same thought as I did, immediately... [Read More]

» Baby Tabitha at Abu Ghraib from Scribal Terror
This, or something like it, is what all Abu Ghraib photos should look like. Sadly a lot of the old ones don't, and folks keep flogging them for fun and profit. But here are some new ones, courtesy of Black [Read More]

» Dhimmedia from reverse_vampyr
Think about how American media is going out of its way to act all "sensitive" to Islam, either refusing to show the cartoons or blurring them out to avoid offending anyone. Yet they're all too eager to get back on the Abu Ghraib scandal train again. ... [Read More]

» Yet More Abu Ghraib photos from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Salon has published a new gallery of photos of prisoners being abused at Abu Ghraib. These go along with the batch published by the British and Australian media yesterday. The AP offers this description: New images of naked prisoners, some bloodi... [Read More]

» MSM not so respectful now, are they? from Agora
It seems the MSM are not having any moral scruples about publishing the Abu Ghraib photos. Im stunned beyond words. Not. Motherfuckers. They wouldnt know a clue if it hit them. Blackfive has some Abu Ghraib photos not previously seen. ... [Read More]

» Have you seen the new Abu Ghraib photos? from Pundit Review
Matt from Blackfive has the latest batch of photos from Abu Ghraib. Check them out ASAP. To hear Matts interview on Pundit Review Radio, click here ... [Read More]

» Abu Ghraib photos from V's blog
You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom: More Photos from Abu Ghraib and BLACKFIVE: New Abu Ghraib Photos! made me write this post. I know the way the media are displaying those pics from Abu Ghraib is in a way that is disgusting. [Read More]

» Why Abu Ghraib Photos But Not Mohammad Cartoons? Cox & Forkum Toon Says It All from RightWinged.com
Cox & Forkum has a great cartoon today that spells out exactly what many bloggers (myself included) Posted about the other day. Read my post here if you some how missed the story. Basically though, the media were too afraid... [Read More]

» Why Abu Ghraib Photos But Not Mohammad Cartoons? Cox & Forkum Toon Says It All from RightWinged.com
Cox & Forkum has a great cartoon today that spells out exactly what many bloggers (myself included) Posted about the other day. Read my post here if you some how missed the story. Basically though, the media were too afraid... [Read More]

» Abu Ghraib from Stix Blog
Check out some pictures of Abu Ghraib at BLACKFIVE. You probably will never swee these in the MSM [Read More]

» Previously Unpublished from small dead animals
New photos out of Abu Ghraib, via Cox and Forkum.(click that link, too).... [Read More]

» More Abu Ghraib photos from Sister Toldjah
Yes, there are even more - of course, these particular photos are recent and not likely to be hyped by the MSM. Youll know why once you see them. Hat tip to Kevin at Pundit Review - BTW, Pundit Review Radio will be interviewing Glenn... [Read More]

» More Disturbing Photos from Abu Ghraib. from The Mourners' Bench
Blackfive.net has recently gained access to more disturbing photos from Abu Ghraib in Iraq. These disturbing photos show a detainee being dressed in diapers, and treated like a baby for the entire duration of her time in detention. [Read More]



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