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Me and Douglas MacArthur Are Water Babies

Posted By Blackfive • [January 26, 2006]

Me and el generalisimo share a birthday today (as Uncle Jimbo decided to point out).  No fanfare this year, no pub crawls.  Today, I need to work on the milblog book a bit.  Have a coffee at Panera and get some things done.

So how does the Blackfive Birthday begin?

This morning, I slept in an extra hour.  My darling wife turns on the Today show on the bedroom TV.  Katie Couric is talking about a new phenomenon - beautiful women dating and marrying geeks.  Mrs. Blackfive seems very interested in this concept.  A few minutes of interviews (gigantic nerds and gorgeous women) are followed by the amazing investigative techniques of Couric to uncover the truth for this gutsy story...

My darling wife turns to me and sighs, "Yet another trend I've started..."

No respect, I tell ya!

Anyway, I need to send a big Happy Birthday! message to my mother-in-law.  We share today as well (and I'm only slightly younger than her)...she reads the blog.

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