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Coalition Religion

All of the photos below were taken by Staff Sgt. Engels Tejeda on December 24, 2005.  I thought it was an interesting subject:


El Salvadorian Comando Cavo Melvin Ivan (25), an evangelist serving in Iraq with his country’s combat team, sports a picture of Jesus Christ on his identification card holder.


Polish Lt. Col. Peter Kowalczyk, a catholic chaplain for the Polish contingent in Iraq, blesses some religious emblems as a catholic chapel in Camp Charlie, south-central Iraq. 


American Christian Soldiers pray during a service Christmas Eve. LSA Anaconda offers 31 different religious services every week including Protestant, Latter Day Saints, Islamic prayer, and Jewish prayer.


Kadhum Hameed, a religious adviser for the (Iraqi) 2nd Motorized Transportation Regiment, leads early morning prayers during Ramadan at An Numanyah.