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The Media and the Senate

I was interviewed by FoxNews yesterday for my thoughts on the closed door session of the Senate.  We'll see how it works out.  I feel like the editor was trying to get me to say that the Senate could help the soldiers by finding out that we were fooled into war and to bring the soldiers home.  While I want the troops home as soon as possible, I disagreed.

I also said that if Libby violated the law, he should go to jail.  Is that such a surprise?

About ten times I said something like, "If those politicians actually gave a flying @#$% about the troops they would have pulled a @#$%ing closed door @#$%ing session two years ago to get them kevlar, equipment, pay, support in combat and the hospitals and in the VA."

Everyone, including the Democrats and Republicans, the Clinton and Bush Administration, and the freaking UN, thought that there was WMD.  The Iraqis were sending our troops to find it during the invasion.

There was little WMD to be found.

That doesn't make it a lie.

I've got to say that it will probably not look too good for me in the Fox report, but this political maneuvering over issues that have been beaten to death is bull@#$% and it's pissing me off.  It's pure posturing for the mid-terms - Democrats and Republicans alike.

If they really gave a @#$* about the troops, the large campaign chests would be paying for kevlar blankets and supporting organizations like Soldiers' Angels and the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund.


Update:  American Soldier was interviewed as well...his take is more eloquent.

Update 2:  FoxNews might post the article on Sunday.