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If you're in the Topeka Area

Posted By Blackfive • [November 28, 2005]

Thanks to ArmyWifeToddlerMom for alerting us to this opportunity to foil an evil man.

Think about helping prevent Fred Phelps from destroying a funeral for a Fallen Hero in Topeka.  Sergeant Sacco should be laid to rest in diginity and peace...on Friday, December 2nd.

LoveMyTanker has the details.  Please help if you are in the area of Topeka, Kansas.

From the Albany, NY Times Union:

Soldier 'looked out for his men'

Sgt. Dominic J. Sacco, killed Sunday in Iraq, is recalled as someone who put others first

  By RICK KARLIN, Staff writer
First published: Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ALBANY -- Sgt. Dominic J. Sacco's luck was running out.

Two weeks before he was killed in Iraq, his Abrams tank hit a roadside bomb and he suffered a concussion, said his sister, Lisa Livingston of Schenectady.

He got a Purple Heart, but was ordered back on patrol the next day, despite cuts and headaches from the blast, she said.

On Sunday, it wasn't a bomb, but a bullet, that killed Sacco, 32.

Although the hatch on Sacco's tank was shielded by armor plates on the front and back, Sacco caught a round from the side, possibly from a sniper, Livingston said.

"They said he died instantly," she said.

Sacco stuck his head out of the tank to make sure it was on course during a patrol in Taji, Iraq, a town north of Baghdad that previously was home to a missile plant.

Sacco was the kind of sergeant who put his troops first and tried his best to make sure they were safe, his sister said.

"He always said he looked out for his men," Livingston said, recalling talks with her brother about Army life and the perils of serving in Iraq. "He was very proud of that."

It was that sense of pride, along with his easygoing nature, that Sacco will be remembered for, said Livingston and Bryan Swim, who had known Sacco since they were in first grade together at the old School 23 on Whitehall Road.

"I still consider him my best friend," Swim said.

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