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Raid Nets Bomb Triggers

Posted By Blackfive • [October 07, 2005]

Staff Sgt. William Council, HHC, 3-15 Infantry, Military Training Team (MiTT) member, examines bomb triggering devices found during an Iraqi Army raid on two insurgents' homes in Sadr City Oct. 6.  Photo by SPC Ben Brody.  (click on photo for large version)

Here's a story about the raid:

10.07.2005 at 09:42am  by SPC Van Buskirk
...One of the suspected terrorists was known for emplacing roadside bombs and conducting rocket-propelled grenade attacks on Coalition Forces. He reportedly received a car for shooting down a U.S. Army helicopter last year.

The other suspected terrorist was known as “The Engineer” for his expertise in manufacturing and emplacing bombs. The raid also uncovered a cache of bomb-triggering devices at the terrorist’s residence.

“The raid shows the capability of the Iraqi Army Battalion to plan and execute a complex mission,” said Capt. Zan Hornbuckle, a U.S. Army company commander who works with the Iraqi Army. “They’re totally competent at the squad and platoon levels, and getting better at the company level.

“They did a great job—everything went really smoothly,” Hornbuckle added. “It gives the Iraqi Soldiers confidence in their capabilities to pull off such a complex mission flawlessly.”

One final note.  Some of you might remember the name Zan Hornbuckle.  That's because he's one of the heroes who made the Thunder Run during the invasion.  And as a former Spartan (2nd BDE, 3ID - "Send Me!"), I have a lot of pride because of soldiers like Hornbuckle who helped turned the tide of the decisive battle for Baghdad.

Powerline has the best post about him.  Be sure to check it out.

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