Armed Forces Day
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Combat the Moonbats - Part 2

Thanks to those who took up the mission and visited recruiters throughout the weekend to show their support despite the moonbat protests on Armed Forces Day.

Thank you.  You people ROCK!!!

Here's a picture sent by Darrell of one of the protests in Seattle (check out the signs):


Barb of Righty in a Lefty State was there and has a report complete with photos (I've got to get that bumper sticker).  She actually got to meet some other bloggers and Sergeant First Class Due.  This is one post you don't want to miss.

Here's an email I received from Janie:

Hello Matt,

I did go down to the recruiting station at noon.  I arrived a few minutes after 12 and I was surprised that there were about 30 people or so( I really didn't count them) for the protest.  I looked around for a friendly "Support the Troop" face but I couldn't find any.  Now I was wearing my Support the Troops sweatshirt so I didn't mingle to long.   I went into the recruiting office.  Yes, it was opened and all desks were filled with Soldiers.  I talked a little bit with the first Soldier closest to the door and proceeded to say thanks and to let him know I think recruiters should be in the schools and support Soldiers 100 % in their job.  Well, as we were talking, in my head I'm thinking...the office is open...maybe SFC Due is available.  He and I traded a couple of I thought to say hi too.  I look at this Soldier in front of me to his name tag...DUE was right there.  I blurt out OH IT's YOU!!   All the Soldiers in the place started laughing!  Poor guy I embarrassed the heck out of him...and that got the ribbing going!  Anyways just wanted to share with you my little visit to the Army. I didn't stay real long (15 min or so) but I hope more people showed up to say hey to them in the office.

And yes I did give the Soldiers some Starbucks Ichiro gift cards to go get some treats.  I didn't walk away empty handed either!  (hey its a recruiting station!)  Army pen - Army pin and Army stickers for the kids of my daycare! 

Thanks for posting the story.  I really don't like the people in this town sometimes. I enjoy living in Seattle.  I have for 25 yrs now...

Thanks, Janie, and thanks to all who showed their support on Saturday.  I'm glad the protests were peaceful and the recruiters were on duty.