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Ranger, Country Music Star, and Caring for the Defenders

Sid from Ann Arbor is the latest reader who sent me some information about Keni Thomas. 

Keni Thomas was part of Task Force Ranger in Mogidishu - TF Ranger is better known as the Rangers in the movie and book by Mark Bowden, Blackhawk Down.  His nickname amongst the Rangers was "Keni Cornbread".  He left the Army as a Staff Sergeant (E-6).

Keni has pursued a career in Country Music and is a rising star (he also had a part in We Were Soldiers and his band was featured in Sweet Home Alabama).  But he hasn't forgotten his country, his brothers and sisters in arms, or their children.

Keni's band Cornbread (based out of Columbus, Georgia) released their latest album in January, Flags of Our Fathers, and is dontating part of their proceeds to the Hero Fund, which, in turn, supports the Special Operations Warrior Fund


SOWF, among other things, helps provide funds for College tuition for the children of fallen Special Operations Soldiers.  The SOWF has been featured on Blackfive many times, and I have donated proceeds from my BlogAds to them as well.

Here is what Keni wrote about the Hero Fund:

...As a member of Task Force Ranger I was part of the unit sent into downtown Mogadishu in search of a criminal warlord. You may know the battle from the book and movie Black Hawk Down. We lost 18 Americans in that fight, another 76 were wounded. For those of us who make it out of something like that, you spend the rest of your life thanking the men to your left and to your right. Because they are the reason I am still here today.

This country is at war. Special operations units are at the forefront of the fight. They will go into battle. And men will die. Families will be left shattered.

I wish I could be there to help. To ensure they all come home alive just as my buddies did for me. But as a musician all I have now to offer is the gift of song. I wrote "Hero" years ago as a tribute to a friend of mine. Perhaps the song will move you, inspire you, or motivate you to reach out and embrace a cause, any cause, that supports our troops and their families. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is an excellent start.


  Keni Thomas

You can sample the songs from Flags of Our Fathers here, and you can purchase the album here.