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Film to Feature the 82nd Airborne in Fallujah

David S. sends this link about a documentary about a platoon of paratroopers in Fallujah last year.

Film features 82nd

By Kevin Maurer
Staff writer

Filmmakers Garrett Scott and Ian Olds went to Iraq last year to document the war from a soldier's perspective.


The filmmakers do a good job of putting a face on the paratroopers. They become more than just soldiers patrolling the streets. It also captures what it is like to live in the camp and gives viewers a glimpse of the confusion and boredom of an Army at war.

''By the end of the movie, hopefully, you know these guys," Scott said.

The filmmakers were not trying to twist the information into a message. They were more interested in truth. ''I do think it is a very political film, but we didn't want to make propaganda or an activist film," Olds said. ''We wanted to make a historical document."...

It certainly sounds interesting.

And there's some interesting Army-Marine politics here, too (RE: Who handled Fallujah better).  Read the whole article about the documentary.  I heard exactly the opposite from the Marines.   I wonder if this film captures any of the differences between the way the 82nd and the Marines handled Fallujah (before taking the city last November).

Having been in the middle of a million Army vs. Marines BS arguments, take that kind of talk with a grain of salt until you read the After Action Reviews.