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First, Michelle Malkin has a post about some unforgivable behavior at a high school in Washington.  Mrs. Blackfive is a High School teacher and I've seen what any kind of assembly needs in terms of teachers and administrators and parents.  There's no way this went down without teacher or administration support.  Apparently, Saddam, Stalin, and Castro are preferrable to democracy and freedom.

Since this is a PG-13 blog, I'll refrain from further commenting on West Seattle High.

Next, there's going to be protests at Camp Pendleton and Ft. Bragg this weekend, you can honor the troops by peacefully demonstrating your support.  I thought about heading to Bragg to visit some friends this weekend and join the protest warriors, but I'm on my way to Tampa.

Speaking of supporting the troops, the Donovan has a cool way for troops deployed overseas to read to their kids. (thanks to Beth S. for the link)

In case you haven't seen these before, here are a few examples of how to honor the fallen and never forget their sacrifices:

Think of them when you hear about people like Code Pink and the truly brainwashed kids, teachers and administrators at West Seattle High.