Sergeant Bozik - Update 11 - Homecoming
UAW and the US Marines - "Parking Silliness" Is Resolved

All Along The Watchtower

Michael at A Day In Iraq has a great post about the mundane being not-so-mundane (the meaning of "clean")'s a great read.  Thanks to Dbie for sending the link.

Arthur Chrenkoff asks the question, "Is Iraq Getting Better?

Weekend Pundit has a post about a soldier's un-welcome homecoming...a Police Chief is permanently replaced during deployment.

Jodi points to this great guest column by Jack Lewis - Sergeant Jack Lewis - who is a team leader in northern Iraq.  I really liked this commentary.

More later...

Since Greyhawk hit 20, maybe he should be talking to these folks -  They recruit military men and women for corporations for free.  Personally, I think the NY Times should hire him.

Thunder Six is on a role.  He's a Guardsmen from California assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq.  As Glenn frequently says, "Just keep scrolling."  There's some great photos, too.

Smiling Dynamite has a poem that was written by Marine Andrew J. McFall-Halverson of Shopiere, Wisconsin, before he was killed in Iraq.  Andrew thought that his story would never be told...

Jay B. sends this article by David Zucchino - author of the excellent Thunder Run - in the LA Times (registration req.) about a promise that was kept and justice served.

Red2Alpha of This Is Your War is blogging up a storm.  Be sure to check it out.  Thanks to Cali Valley Girl for sending the link (she's got a round up of Afghanistan blogs - by both soldiers and Afghans).

ArmyWifeToddlerMom started blogging when her husband came home from the war.  Some of the language is "R" rated, but that's because Army Wife is showing you the whole view into her life.