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Clueless in New York

Scott Ritter Lands New Job...

...with Al Jazeera.

Yep.  Al freakin' Jazeera.

Susie D. sends a Fox News story about Ritter's new employment opportunity.  Here's the link to Ritter's new Al Jazeera column, but, even if you are open to all discourse around the subject of Iraq, I wouldn't read it.  I did, and I know how much it angered me, initially.

There's no facts, no sources for his claims of Americans raping, torturing, and creating death squads out of the Kurds and Shia to kill the Ba'athists.  Ritter writes, "according to press accounts", but he doesn't identify which "journalist" from Iran or Syria or North Korea is reporting this info.

He's a lying disgrace and his column could incite violence against Americans.  And I'll stop now because this is a PG-13 blog...

(Psst.  If you need a Ritter-antidote, read about Someone That You Should Know.)