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Friends of Democracy

Received this info (which I have paraphrased) about Friends of Democracy:

The site is called "Friends of Democracy: Ground level election news from the people of Iraq." To the best of my knowledge there is nothing else like it anywhere out there, at least not in English. (There is also have an Arabic site.)

We have more than a dozen local Iraqi correspondents, at least one in each province, filing daily reports. These reports include news, interviews, quotes, photos, whatever they can get in a day. They aren't professional journalists. They are more or less ordinary Iraqis. Some of them you already know – Omar and Mohammed from Iraq the Model, for example. Others you don't know because they don't speak or write in English. Their reports are translated from Arabic before they are uploaded to the reports site.

The main site summarizes, excerpts, and links to the reports from the field. There will also be excerpts and links to essays and posts in the Iraqi blogosphere and - on rarer occasions - stories in the mainstream and Middle Eastern media. The idea is to let Iraqis themselves tell their own story of their own first free election.


This is for, about, and mostly by the Iraqi people themselves.

Check it out and watch for the reporting before, during, and after the election.