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Patrick Daley and Some Admin Notes

I'm about two hundred messages behind in my email scanning.  By the looks of it, about fifty or so are about Chicago Mayor Daley's son enlisting in the Army to be a paratrooper.  That story has been in every newspaper and top news story on tv for the last few days.

    My first thought was, Cool.  Another Chicago Irish Paratrooper - somebody call Michael Moore (politician's son enlisting as a paratrooper).

    Then, So what.  The kid quit West Point so who knows if he can hack being a paratrooper.

    Then, But he's got a pair.  Daddy's reach is long, but not long enough to reach to Iraq or Afghanistan. And the Army won't care who his dad and uncle are...

    Then, Matty, stop being such a judgemental @#$%.  Just be glad that we have people enlisting during a war.

Anyway, I've been busy lately and hope to catch up on the email and the posting later.

Update:  Just an FYI, Patrick is a Republican and supported George Bush (most Chicagoans know about this).  There's a lot of buzz about how Patrick represents hope for the Democratic Party.  Sorry, but he's not a Democrat...at least not one this year.

Update 2:  Linda B. thinks that I'm going to be all washed up as there will now be another Irish Paratrooper from Chicago.  That SOB will probably have a blog, too.

At least my dad isn't the mayor.

So, I've got that going for me.

Which is nice.