Fitness and Photography In Chicago
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Fitness and Photography In Chicago - Part 2

I'm lucky. I live between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan. I am two blocks from miles and miles of shoreline and parks.

When I start my run, I'm not lucky enough to have paved German tractor trails like Greyhawk. After a few stoplights, I hit the lakefront.

I run by one of the Canals that empty into the Chicago River (that empties into Lake Michigan). Here's one of my favorite spots - yes, it's a tourist trap, but where else can you listen to Zydeco and Cajun music and drink out of 32oz. Miller Beer Cans?...Dick's Last Resort. Notice the ducks and boats pulling up for a bite to eat (click on thumbnail for larger picture).


Then, I head down to Ohio Street Beach and the lakeshore.


I love to run through Olive Park. It's right off of Ohio Street Beach and next to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Chicago - Navy Pier - yet, it's difficult to find the entrance to it so there's not a lot of people there. I take little Blackfive there for Soccer practice. Olive Park was named for Private First Class Milton L. Olive who was killed in action in Vietnam while with the 173rd Airborne. He received the Medal of Honor.

The pictures are Olive Park, the memorial to Milton Olive, the view of Navy Pier from the Park, and the view of Lake Michigan at the end of Olive Park.


My path turns south towards the locks from the Chicago River into Lake Michigan and the Columbia Yacht Club. Normally, I would continue towards our Museum Campus (Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and Adler Planetarium), but today I decided to cut it short.

Here are the locks, the Chicago Police Station for the River and Lake Michigan, and the Columbia Yacht Club (the big ship in the background IS the Club).


I turn back towards home and head up the paths along the Chicago River.


That's about all for now. It was about 3 miles round trip. Maybe, when the weather's nice again (in a month or so!), I'll head down to Grant Park and the Museum Campus.