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Facing Reality in Iraq

Paratroopers - Young and Old

Donald Sensing posted a picture that is better than three shots of espresso. Airborne!

JarheadDad, who's son is a Marine Corporal fighting south of Fallujah, was looking for a distraction from the news surrounding the battles in Iraq. He found this clip of Little Blackfive and friends securing a drop zone. It's a big file and worth the wait to download, but, if you're on dial-up, you may want to skip it.

And keep the Corporal in your prayers.

Disclaimer: The video has babies, milk bottles and a scantily clad babe. No nudity, foul language, etc.

Update: Stan sends that the picture is of US Army Paratroopers exiting an Aussie Caribou. Very cool.

After watching the video clip, Mr. Green wants to sign up to secure similar drop zones.