The Economy - Non-Issue?
Forget the Alamo?

Advice to Senators

I sent this today:

Dear Senators Byrd, Kerry, and Kennedy-

I’m an Army veteran who is very concerned about the way you are conducting yourselves with regards to the War on Terror.

If you truly love this country and if you truly support our troops, please cease this bickering about Vietnam. Vietnam has nothing to do with Iraq.

Instead, I urge you to take just a few actions that may seem new to you.

1. What “supporting the military” really means.

We are going to have to expand the military. Period. We are going to have to increase funds for new recruiting and retention efforts. Look into increasing military pay. I’m tired of hearing Senators gripe about soldiers qualifying for food stamps and NEVER doing a damn thing about it. You all seem to do pretty well for yourselves. Consider giving investment advice to the soldiers.

And how about ceasing the bickering about Interceptor Armor and Armored-Up Humvees? You could do two things: (1) get more body armor and armored vehicles for the troops and (2) push the Pentagon to increase production or find more vendors. I’m sure you might have a potential vendor in your states, right?

You could stop the Senate's funding of special interests and pork barrels. If you did that, we might have enough money to increase the defense budget. Heck, we could probably even fix Social Security and Medicare if you did that.

If the military stops funding their Morale and Welfare perks (i.e. bowling allies, camping grounds, etc.), then I suggest that you do the same for the Senate. Lead by example.

2. Partisanship during the War on Terror.

I know that this is a big election year. Consider focusing on important issues like the economy, jobs, judicial nominees, campaign finace reform, abortion, gun control, education, crime, poverty, corporate corruption, etc. ad naseum. Aren’t there enough issues to differentiate you without turning an issue that the entire nation should be behind into a partisan issue that pays lip service to the military?

I realize that you dislike our President. I had immense disregard for the last President, but, for every day of his presidency, I served as a Soldier to the best of my ability. It didn’t stop me from supporting our military. You would do well to take a lesson in professionalism from our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Millions of us didn’t care for the last President. We still got the job done.

If you really support our military and the War on Terror, there won't be another Vietnam.



Mr. Green read a copy before I emailed it and advised me that it may be too hot tempered to be taken seriously. He may be right. I thought about pulling a few of the snide remarks out of it.

I don't think that I'll hear from them, but, if I do, I will certainly let you know.