And the Winner Is...
One Day Away From St. Paddy's Day

The Trouble With Spain and Hornets

Short and Simple: Folks, the Spaniards voting out the Center-Right sent a message to Al Qaeda that bombing and killing innocent people works. Recruitment is going to go through the roof. Go. Through. The. Roof.

Italy will be next.

Europeans think that terrorists are like hornets. Don't antagonize them and they will leave you alone. The problem is that Al Qaeda is the most dangerous threat out there, not some distracted insect that will go away once it realizes that no threat exists.

The New York Times has an assessment which concludes with the following:

Mr. Kerry is arguing that the administration is wildly oversimplifying his position, and he, too, would take the war to the terrorists. But he argues that he would do it in a way that preserves alliances and avoids the kind of reaction that Spanish voters expressed Sunday. "We can only fight terror with the help of our allies," he said in a recent interview and that means devising a strategy that keeps not only leaders like Mr. Aznar on Washington's side, but their constituencies as well.
What I want to know is what would a President Kerry do when some of our traditional allies won't cooperate?