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The Protests Yesterday

The Anti-War Protesters marched past me and Little Blackfive yesterday. We were at the park having fun when we heard the commotion coming from Michigan Avenue. We checked it out. Little Blackfive enjoyed the march since there were so many mounted police in the area. Horsies galore!

I didn't even know that there was a march planned for Chicago. It was relatively un-controversial. Most people carried the Bush Lied signs, a lot of rainbow flags, the usual freak show stuff, etc. But nothing really radical.

Then, I saw this flag (Chicago Tribune photo).


"Time to go, son."

"Awww. Why Daddy?"

"'Cause you aren't old enough to bail me out of jail, yet...Let's go."

Update: Pardon My English did an awesome job of counter-protesting the New York protest. They even ran into an OIF vet.