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First Lady Secret Appearance

This is a very classy action for our First Lady to take. Laura Bush did something interesting last week.

First lady thanks Army spouses for sacrifices
By Mollie Miller and Emily Howard
FORT HOOD, Texas -- The surprise was hard to hide on the faces of more than 200 military spouses March 5 as America’s first lady, Laura Bush, stepped to the podium at Fort Hood’s annual Women’s Conference.

With thunderous applause ringing throughout Fort Hood’s Comanche Chapel, Bush made a speech highlighting the military spouse and thanking those women present for their sacrifices in these times of war.

“Today, we celebrate the spirit of … the elite special forces who don’t wear uniforms or fly Black Hawks or carry weapons,” Bush said. “[Today we celebrate] the sisters who support their loved ones and each other so that America remains a land of freedom.”

Amen to that, Mrs. Bush. Amen to that.

Why am I not surprised that the mainstream media didn't pick up on this story...

...“I wasn’t expecting her,” said Amanda Roybol, who rushed to the gas station next to the Comanche Chapel to buy a disposable camera when she heard Bush would be speaking at the conference. “When she walked in, I just started shaking – I couldn’t believe that she had come.”

“She didn’t even have to speak,” one spouse of a deployed 4th Infantry Division Soldier said. “Just having her here and knowing she supported us and understood the sacrifices we are making was enough.”

...Bush concluded her speech by saying, “All of those who serve in our military deserve our utmost respect and so do those who serve well behind the front lines.”

She remained at the chapel after her speech to express her gratitude personally by shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures...

Update: Several commenters referred to this John Kerry Blog posting about Teresa Heinz-Kerry handing out "Asses of Evil" buttons at a John Kerry Campaign function. Guess who's names were on the buttons? Right, our President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Attorney General. So, to compare Laura Bush to any recent First Lady or Teresa Heinz-Kerry is a mistake and a slight on our First Lady.

Here's the actual Kerry Campaign button (pop-up image) handed out by the classless Mrs. Heinz-Kerry.