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President Bush to Release Military Records

Can you say Non-Issue?

The Boston Globe talks to a political activist who got ahold of the President's Military Pay Records. The White House will release all of the President's military records soon.

Bush credited for Guard drills - But time frame leaves questions
By Walter V. Robinson, Globe Staff, 2/10/2004

President Bush received credit for attending Air National Guard drills in the fall of 1972 and spring of 1973 -- a period when his commanders have said he did not appear for duty at bases in Montgomery, Ala., and Houston -- according to two new documents obtained by the Globe.

The personnel records, covering Bush's Guard service between May 1972 and May 1973, constitute the first evidence that Bush appeared for any duty during the first 11 months of that 12-month period. Bush is recorded as having served the minimum number of days expected of Guard members in that 12 months of service time.

One of the documents lists nine service periods of 2 to 3 days each and records the points Bush earned toward his service retirement benefit. The other is a summary of his service in the 12 months beginning May 1972, and lists the same number of service points earned.

The Globe goes on to speculate on why his records are torn and damaged. It also says that the above information will do little to resolve President Bush's Air National Guard attendence record.

Two things: (1) If I showed you my attendence record (retirement points) for the Army Reserve, you would see a total for the year and not a breakdown by month and (2) the Globe is trying SOOOO hard to spin this issue away from any positive result that I believe that they are correct in asserting that this news will not clear anything up. This President is hated by the left to the extent that there is nothing he can do to win their support. If he captured Osama Bin Laden himself, he would still be decried by the bitter left as evil incarnate.