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Let's start this post by saying that the administration is not confirming reports of Osama being surrounded or captured.

Men's News Daily is reporting:

Osama's Last Stand?
U.S. Forces Have Bin Laden 'Surrounded' - Report
February 21, 2004

According to a British newspaper, U.S. special forces have Osama bin Laden 'surrounded' and 'boxed in' on the northwest border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Sunday Express is reporting that the fugitive terrorist leader has been "sighted" and is now being monitored by satellite.

The report quotes a Washinton intelligence insider, saying, "He (bin Laden) is boxed in."

The Sunday Times has more operational details:

...The paper claims bin Laden is in a mountainous area to the north of the Pakistani city of Quetta whose inhabitants are known bin Laden supporters. Bin Laden is also estimated to have 50 of his own bodyguards with him.

The claim is attributed by the paper to "a well-placed intelligence source" in Washington who is quoted as saying: "He (bin Laden) is boxed in."

The paper says the hostile terrain makes an all-out conventional military assault impossible. The plan to capture him would depend on a "grab-him-and-go" style operation.

"US helicopters already sited on the Afghanistan border will swoop in to extricate him," the paper says.

The report goes on to say bin Laden and his men "sleep in caves or out in the open. The area is swept by fierce snowstorms howling down from the 10,000-feet high mountain peaks. Donkeys are the only transport".

The special forces are "absolutely confident" there is no escape for bin Laden. All are waiting for the order to go in and get him.

This could be a ruse. This could be false. Then, again, it could be true.

I have long been in favor of using James Lileks' idea on what to do when Osama is located..."Mr. MOAB meet Mr. Bin Laden..."

Update 5PM CST: Jim sends a Washington Post article via email - notice the date - about the challenges with finding and capturing/killing OBL in the 90's.