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Monday Menagerie

Posted By Blackfive • [January 05, 2004]

Robbie at Say Anything has a post about the Democrats answer to Rush Limbaugh...Ed Schultz - whose show is funded (at least in part) by the DNC. Now, I definitely don't think that Rush is the mouthpiece for Republicans. I have never heard his radio show. I have seen him on various interviews, though. I guess this implies that Rush's show was funded by advertising instead of the RNC.

Frank J. is back. Who is Frank J. you ask? Well, go here and read his latest Bite Sized Wisdom.

John Donovan of Argghhh! has a link to and intelligent discussion about the Bush=Hitler video created by MoveOn.org. Citizen Smash has comments too and a link where MoveOn.org is calling for non-partisanship...right!

More interesting blogger posts later this morning...

Update 01-05-04 11AM CST:

Discount Blogger has a link to a soldier's funeral.

Beautiful Girls: Jennifer has Dana's interview posted here.

Mr. Green has been accused of eating glue...by none other than Mrs. Green.

You can support Sgt. Hook's morale fund for his company's deployment to Afghansitan. Profits to support a weekly BBQ to raise the spirits of his company (he's a First Sergeant - meaning the top enlisted man and non-commissioned officer in the company).

Trey Givens describes the irony caused by PETA...made me laugh.

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