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Housekeeping - Recent Blackfive Banned IP Addresses

If any bloggers want to see who I've blocked and why, I've put the banned IPs and reasons why I blocked these IP addresses in the last 30 days in the extended section of this post. Some are for offensive stuff and others are spammers from Russia or Germany. - Offensive muslim hater - Troll masquerading as Bill Whittle Jr. - Offensive American Hater - fake email and Bush Basher - Tarot cards , credit, loans, drugs - German spam - Claims to be SSG James Alford - violent threat - masquerading as glenn reynolds in love with Saddam - MetaPatriot selling anti-Bush shirts etc. spam - Claimed to be Mohammed Atta - JadeGold, MacDiva, Troll of the Year etc. - penis enlargement comment spammer - Anti-US offensive language hate - phentermine drugs spam - Phentermine diet pills and drugs soam - Ready Clean spam - Drug Tests spam - Phentermine diet pills and drugs spam - Vitamin spammer - Phentermine spam - Viagra seller spam - Viagra seller spam - German Drug Seller spam