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Housekeeping - Irish Style

tic743.jpgWhy the moniker change from Blackfive to Paddy O'Tater-Tot?

Comes from Bad Money's derogatory term for an Irishman, and, me being America's Most Beloved Irishman, I decided to use it. Plus, all of you Irish people that are sick of being stereotyped...well...I have news for you, it's because of me. Ha, Ha, Haaaaaa! *hic*
And as for the people asking for how is the Casting Call - Blogger Animal House going, here's a sneak peek:
For some reason D-Day is the most sought after character. It's a dead heat right now between Laughing Wolf, Citizen Smash, and Cold Fury Mike.

The strangest thing is that Instapundit is now in the lead for both Professor Dave Jennings (no surprise there) and Greg Marmalard...he also got a vote for Mandy Pepperidge (?)...

This is with about 45 responses (and most of those were only for 3-4 characters).

Now, I've got to go drink more *hic* Harp, eat some taters, swing the shillelagh, and sing "Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy..."


Heh. Swing the Shillelagh. Heh, heh...a new euphemism...