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Monday, October 20, 2003


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» Stepford Wives Alert from Sanity's-Edge
Matt at Blackfive is greeted by the truth. It’s pretty shocking. I can’t even reply.... [Read More]

» Firsthand Account from Boots and Sabers
Blackfive tells us his firsthand account of Islamist hatred and bigotry among us. Scary stuff.... [Read More]

» M is for Monday from Practical Penumbra
Bush Haters of the World: Unite! LOL! Yay! The Mustard Story! I don't know why, but that reminded me of a customer yesterday who asked if we accepted cash. Blackfive has a frightening story about blind prejudice. Hmmm...looks like I have inadvertantly ... [Read More]

» Blackfive has a cautionary tale to tell for you Edward Said fans. from Argghhh!!! The Home of one of Jonah's Military Guys©
Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love: Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors As a coupla people note in the comments, true-believer Muslims think differently from us. Significantly so. At a basic, culturally imprinted level that makes it hard for them... [Read More]

» Link. Link. from angelweave
So, it's getting close to bedtime, and I've not blogged a thing here today. I wrote the mustard post yesterday. I did put something up at The Alliance but that hardly counts. So I'll link. Matt at Blackfive posts a chilling anecdote about a social even... [Read More]

» They really believe this stuff? from ObnoxiousFumes
Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love: Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors This is as sad as it is scary. A guy goes to a restaurant with some Pakistani friends (well, not so much friends any longer) and gets a... [Read More]

» "hi, i'm nihad awad, and i'm a massive tool" from all-encompassingly
(CNN) -- Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a top Pentagon intelligence official, apologized for remarks he made about Muslims, including saying that radical Muslims hate the United States "because we're a Christian nation, because our foundation and roots are ... [Read More]

» Who is Radical Islam? from brainstorming
Much has been said about the speech of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the 10th session of the Islamic Summit Conference on Oct. 16. If you have only seen excerpts, the full text of the speech [Read More]

» You Gotta Wonder from sgt hook
Combine this story with recent events in Guantanamo Bay and you gotta wonder about some folks' loyalties. Sgt Hook out.... [Read More]

Welcome, my friends, to the Carny of Vanity! With all these great links, you could stay here all day! We’ve [Read More]

» Cultural and Religious Brainwashing from A Collection of Thoughts
Muslims: Can we penetrate their cultural and religious cult brainwashing? I never thought we could and here's a guy who agrees. An interesting thing happened to him, check it out: Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors Tip of the beret... [Read More]

» Submitted for Your Approval from Watcher of Weasels
Here all the links submitted by members of the Watcher's Council for this week's vote [Read More]

» Matt's close encounter from drowning at 2 feet sea level
Thanks to Jennifer -she's quickly becoming my first stop of the day- for the link to THIS Blackfive entry. Matt tells an interesting story of perceived friendship and unmitigated evil intentions - like a Jew hating godzilla with blinders on,... [Read More]

» More On Who Is(n't) Anti-Semitic from Now That Everyone Else Has One
This is what anti-Semitism looks like. Notice the contrast between it and the anti-Kill Bill "anti-Semitism" people were talking about... [Read More]

» Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors from Israpundit
This article was sent to us by Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love At first, I was so damn angry after the experience you are about to read that I didn't trust myself to write something coherent. Then, I calmed... [Read More]

» Carnival Reflections II: None so blind... from Irreconcilable Musings
Blackfive shares an uncomfortably poignant story about how an otherwise rational person can be so willfully ignorant. [Read More]

» Wrong from Freedom Lives
Citizen Smash links to this post about the hatred and stupidity of educated muslims and titles it Tread softly. I think rather it should be titled "Shout it from the rooftops". If we don't call them on their idiocy it... [Read More]

» Culture Wars... from A Diary Of A Young Man
Andrew Sullivan Linked To This: Me and My Muslim Neighbors, a thoughtful article, in my opinion. Anyway. It reminds me of my fiancée's sister's Pakistani boyfriend. He's a reverse racist in that he thinks his culture is above other cultures.... [Read More]

» Culture Wars... from A Diary Of A Young Man
Andrew Sullivan Linked To This: Me and My Muslim Neighbors, a thoughtful article, in my opinion. Anyway. It reminds me of my fiancée's sister's Pakistani boyfriend. He's a reverse racist in that he thinks his culture is above other cultures.... [Read More]

» It's the Illuminati, Stupid! from Blogcritics
No thanks to Mahathir Mohammed, prime minister of Malaysia, we've been hearing lots of conspiracy theories about Jews secretly controlling the world. Well, there's lots more than that out there in Strangeville, and it's really bizarre. [Read More]

» Me and My Muslim Friends(?)/ Neighbors from Israpundit
Here is a guy with a web log in which he details his experiences with muslim anti-semitism: At first, I was so damn angry after the experience you are about to read that I didn't trust myself to write something... [Read More]

» http://hotbuttereddeath.ubersportingpundit.com/archives/003468.html from Hot Buttered Death
I found this story via Blogcritics. A few months ago, Masood invited me to his brother's birthday party. Since I love Middle Eastern food and knew his family pretty well, I went. After the party, we went to a bar... [Read More]

» "Moderate" Muslims think Israel did 9/11 from View from the Right
Want to know what "mainstream," "assimilated," highly educated U.S. Muslims with advanced degrees and professional careers think? They think that [Read More]

» "Moderate" Muslims think Israel did 9/11 from View from the Right
Want to know what "mainstream," "assimilated," highly educated U.S. Muslims with advanced degrees and professional careers think? They think that [Read More]

» BlackFive: 'Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors' from Solomonia
Via Mike in the comments: The following is a spell-binding tale of conspiracy-threory and narrow escape. Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love: Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors ...Masood's younger brother just came right out with what everyone of them... [Read More]

» ANTI-SEMITISM IN AMERICA from Discount Blogger
Saw this yesterday at Instapundit. You should read it.One of my friends is a guy I met in grad school a few years ago. He's a lawyer that practices IP law and was pursuing a MS in Computer Science to... [Read More]

» "But They're Only a Few Extremist Anomalies!" from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Go read this. You won't like it, but you need to read it nonetheless. Think about it.... [Read More]

» Islamic Jihad Begins To Surface from nyc99
He is right you know, read the Islamic websites and you will know it too. What I can tell you is that experience scared the hell out of me. How the hell can a guy be so well-educated and smart... [Read More]

» Muslims: Jew Haters from Pardon My English
Do check out this fantastic post from Blackfive.net. It is a perfect display of how the Muslims are really a bunch of anti-semitic bastards who are in denial that they were the ones killed thousands of innocents on 9/11. Shouldn't they all just go t... [Read More]

» This is Creepy--and all too Real from Who Tends the Fires
BlackFive has a chilling story about how an otherwise intelligent person can pull back their layers to reveal a frighteningly fanatic core. Go read. And be afraid.... [Read More]

» The Council Has Spoken from Watcher of Weasels
Here are the full tallies of all votes cast [Read More]

» Recognizing the Enemy from Andrew Olmsted dot com
Matt from Blackfive recounts his recent experience with Muslim anti-Semitism, a disturbing account of a number of Muslims living in America who remain convinced that it's all 'the Jews' fault. I wish I could say that surprises me, but my... [Read More]

» "Religion of Peace" from Opinions Galore
... My Ass Every American needs to read "Me and My Muslim Friends". [Read More]

» Unbelievable gullibility from Pinwheels and Orange Peels
Aaron over at Pardon My English links to Blackfive's personal story of muslim hatred of the Jewish people. This is as unbelievable as people who think the CIA developed AIDS to kill off blacks. I just cannot understand how any [Read More]

» required reading from intellectual properties
"a great discussion of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, and taught me a lot about the history and perspectives of what's happening. if you're not quite up to speed on this subject, you should be, and the links above are a good place to start reading." [Read More]

» Let Them Come from baldilocks
These Islamist terrorists have got to be the most stupid critters imaginable. "Al-Qaeda is going to carry out a death blow against Americans during the month of Ramadan," Al-Majallah said, quoting an e-mail sent by Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj, identified as [Read More]

» Treading Softly from The Indepundit
WHENEVER I’M IN THE COMPANY of Muslims (which over the past year was almost every day), there are certain conversational... [Read More]

» Thought for the Day: Detainees and Islam v.2 from Winds of Change.NET
If respecting the terrorists' Islamic beliefs is so critically important, and we can't just wrap them in pigskin, deny them prayer ("why? you're not a real Muslim anyway") and inter them with dogs - does that mean these guys are the true Islam after al... [Read More]



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