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Karma - Starbucks Style

Okay, so I've mentioned that I spent some time in the military, right?  Well, the whole I time that I was a soldier, I never touched a drop of coffee.  Sure, I ate coffee grounds to stay awake on patrol but never actually drank brewed coffee.  All those years, I would get up at 0430 most days (hung over) to run 4-5 miles and never touched the stuff.

When I left active duty, my youngest brother took me to a Starbuck's here in Chicago (at any one point downtown, there is a Starbucks within four blocks).  I said to Josh, "Pay $1.19 for a cup of coffee?  That's ridiculous..."

Well, since that day, I have had at least one cup of Starbucks (usually with a shot or two of espresso) every day.

So, today, I get a grande mocha with an extra shot (3) and a scone.  I hand the lady a $20.  She gives me back 3 singles, change, and a $100.  Must have mistaken it for a $10...

So I am thinking...This is too good.  Cubs won.  Israel finally went after the Syrians.  I get a $100 instead of a $10.  If I walk out of this door, I am going to get hit by a bus.

I tell the lady she gave me the wrong change and she is pretty damn happy with me.  Mr. Manager comes over and gives me a $20 starbucks card.

And I made it to work alive.